This Grouper was produced by fertilizing the eggs of the Tiger Grouper (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus) with the sperm of the Giant Grouper (Epinephelus lanceolatus) through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) technique. The first hybrid Grouper was cross-bred by researchers at the University of Malaysia Sabah (UMS), in collaboration with researchers from the Borneo Marine Research Institute of UMS, The Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia (LKIM) and Kinki University of Japan, under the leadership  of Prof. Dr Shigeharu Senoo of UMS.



Plate size Mahi-Mahi is going to revolutionize the seafood industry and Aqquua™ is exploring failsafe ways to make it feasible.  The next generation of sustainable seafood are those that grow quickly and have low FCR’s (Feed Conversion Ratios). In Mahi we have found the next champion of the seas.


Hirame is a prized flatfish known as Olive Flounder in America. Similar to Fluke, it is a thick-meated flatfish with a delicate flake, a firm texture and a flavor profile simliar to graysole with a subtle sweetness and an underlying vein of deep seawater. It is great cooked or raw. Farm-raised Hirame is of the highest quality imaginable, as the harvest is controlled by strict protocols unavailable to ocean fisheries.


The northern or "American" red snapper is found in the Gulf of Mexico and the southeastern Atlantic coast of the United States and much less commonly northward as far as Massachusetts. In Latin American Spanish, it is known as huachinangopargo, or chillo. They are a prized food fish, caught commercially, as well as recreationally. It is used in Vietnamese canh chua ("Sour soup"). Red snapper is the most commonly caught snapper in the continental USA (almost 50% of the total catch), with similar species being more common elsewhere. They eat almost anything, but prefer small fish and crustaceans. Interest in recreational fishing for northern red snapper, and in the Gulf of Mexico in general, has increased dramatically. From 1995–2003, the number of Louisiana fishing charter guide license holders increased eight-fold.Researchers estimate the bycatch of young red snapper, especially by shrimp trawlers, is a significant concern.


The Coral Trout is a species of fish in the Serranidae family, which includes groupers and coral cod (not related to true cod), which are all characterized by having three spines on the gill cover and a large mouth lined with more than one row of sharp teeth. Native to the western Pacific Ocean, its natural habitat includes open seas and coral reefs. Coral trout are piscivorous; juveniles mostly eat crustaceans, especially prawns, and adults feed upon a variety of reef fish, particularly damselfish.


THE BLACKFIN TUNA is a pelagic, schooling fish that generally feeds near the surface. Its diet consists of small fishes, squid, crustaceans, and plankton. An excellent light tackle species, it can be taken by trolling or casting small baits or lures, including ballyhoo, mullet and other small fishes as well as strip baits, spoons, feathers, jigs, or plugs; or by live bait fishing from boats at the surface of deep waters one to two miles offshore. It has some local commercial importance, but is predominantly an angler's fish. It is a spunky game species and the flesh is of good quality and flavor.