Our collaborative research agreement with the UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI  will help advance aquaculture technology for high-value marine fish such as tuna and hirame (Japanese flounder) at the UM Experimental Fish Hatchery.

The three-year agreement between Aqquua and the UM Rosenstiel School-based Aquaculture Program is aimed at improving hatchery and other aquaculture technologies of a number of economically valuable species that have never been developed elsewhere in the world.

“This research agreement will help advance sustainable aquaculture research at a time when it is critically needed to support increasing demand for high-quality protein to feed the world’s growing population,” said UM Rosenstiel School Professor Dan Benetti, director of the UM Aquaculture Program. “We are pleased by Aqquua’s commitment to advance aquaculture technology in a sustainable way."

We also have an MOU with the University of Burapha and with Kung Krabean Royal Project to help us with egg producing broodstock and advance our larval rearing efforts in Thailand.


Aqquua has also provided scholarships and has hired graduate students from the University of Burapha to further these efforts.